Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Update & a Poll

We've been chugging along in #Feralredhorse land. Bailey and I stuck to the indoor last Wednesday as it's gotten cold again, and I was in a bad mood, so we were sissies. Bailey has been flip-flopping between being relatively good and being a total shit head. She has been spooky and reactive, and while Wednesday's ride wasn't bad, it wasn't awe-inspiring. Saturday followed suit - I disciplined Bailey while walking her up to the upper arena (where she has more problems, so of course we've been doing a lot of work up there) and then asked her to go through a person-sized door. When I got on her, it was clear she was holding a grudge about me telling her what to do and also was quite a spicy little chilly pepper, energy levels wise. She eventually worked down into behaving, but it's still disappointing that I have to deal with the basics at this point.

Gone is the horse who hacks out on the buckle. I don't know where she went.

Tonight, I'm thinking I might put her into a french link to see how she feels about that bit (I've been eyeballing a 14mm french link on ETT...) and hopefully will be able to get her into a decent place mentally in prep for tomorrow. Tomorrow, we see the saddle fitter in the afternoon and hopefully (cross your fingers!) she's able to get Bailey fitted up 100% with the Vision dressage saddle (or believe me, I will cry) so we can get back to doing dressage in a proper dressage saddle. I spent my non saddle time this weekend oiling the beast, and while it's still not beautiful and soft, I think I'm finally making some headway on getting it softer. Hopefully everything works out and I can keep the saddle of my dreams!

God I hope I can keep it.

Foxie went outside on Saturday (with bucking, because cool and windy) and was a bit spicy, but did some super basic/baby XC stuff (like, walking over a log that is slightly more interesting than a cavaletti) and was super excited by that. She'll get some attention tomorrow while I wait for the saddle fitter in the afternoon tomorrow, so I plan to pass over her tonight. 

Finally, I've been itching to share some farm related news, but realized... I should really make a plan and have an idea of what I want to do with farm related posts. So, if you read this, I'd love you forever if you had an opinion on farm related posts - do I make a separate blog? Relocate to a new space and share farm and horse updates? Or stay here for everything? Please use the poll or the comments to let me know, if you care :) 

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  1. good luck with the saddle fitting and bit searches! i voted to just post everything here - but the reality is that this is your blog to do what you see fit with. if that vision means keeping it just ponies all the time, and putting farm stuff elsewhere, that's fine too. tho it seems like two blogs are harder to keep than one lol