Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bits and Pieces

One thing that has been sticking in my head since Arya came home is what to stick on her face - or in her face. So here's a question for any readers out there...

What bit does your horse wear?

Bailey wears a 16mm (relatively thin) weighted loose ring single-link snaffle. It's heavy, pretty thin and while it's single link, the mouthpiece has a touch of a curve so it doesn't really nutcracker.

Bailey in her loose ring, BS of Sweden and Dark Jewel browband

Foxie also adores the above bit, but a lot of the time goes in a french link pelham with a relatively long shank, which helps me better balance her and not spend 20 circles slowing her down (especially when her body doesn't really need to be doing that). 


  1. My go-to bit is always a French link loose ring or eggbutt. My current horse was a bitting challenge and I finally figured out she doesn't like the movement of the loose ring, was moderately happier in the eggbutt, but LOVES the French link boucher. It wouldn't have been my first choice, but she likes the stability. Good luck with Ayra; she's a cutie!

  2. Leo goes in a Nathe for everything - he's ~sensitive~ about metal bits. Before him, the go to was a D ring with a copper lozenge.

  3. I love a good loose ring french link. But I also ended up with a few happy mouth mullen mouths also, that Henry and Apollo seem to like. It's always good to experiment :)