Wednesday, November 9, 2016

(A Late) Tasty Tuesday: Thanksgiving Rev Up

I know, I know, double posting. I just couldn't get myself motivated yesterday... sorry? I don't think I am because it just popped into my head to share one of my favorite and current go to for thanksgiving. I'm known as the baker in my family, and I've been  bringing the pie the last two years. I'm working on getting better at decorative crusts... but these two recipes haven't failed me yet!

(and a great crust recipe, because crust is important.)

The crust recipe is a gem; I use it for everything from pot pies to pumpkin pie and it's easy, tasty and versatile.  The last time I made it for pot pie was life changing out out of the oven... it's seriously a good tasting crust, and very easy. I'm kind of a weirdo, but this crust even tastes good raw (and I tend to snack on the leftovers like a weirdo.). 

The pumpkin pie recipe is darker than your usual store bought pie, with lots of spices (I tend to go overboard a bit, but I like a spicy, darkly sweet pie) and has turned out nicely both times I've made it. While I still harbor a weird love for Cub Foods pumpkin pies with Redi Whip, I'm becoming more and more of a DIY convert. Plus, I get to taste test while I'm baking, which is the best. 

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